How Climate Change Is Destroying The World?


Climate change is one of the biggest crisis, which the human race is facing. It is the term for the shift in the worldwide weather phenomena which is the direct consequence of global warming. Even after using the best air purifier people living in the most polluted places around the globe are breathing the worst polluted air in human history. Global warming was discovered by Svante Arrhenius, a Swedish chemist, and physician in the 19th century. According to his theory carbon dioxide has an impact on the climatic patterns around the world.

After this awareness that human activities are influencing climate and causing anthropogenic effects (climate changes), scientists started experimenting and researches to find ways to solve this problem. Then in the first half of the 20th-century scientists believed (or hoped) that oceans absorb most of the human-race emission and maintain the level of the CO2 in the atmosphere.

However, in 1957 this assumption was put into question when Roger Revelle and Hans Suess claimed that despite absorbing extra CO2 the average global temperature is increasing, as they are absorbing CO2 more slowly than expected. This research was confirmed in the 1960s and 1970s by a group of chemists.

After a lot of researches and analyses of temperature records, it is believed that our planet is now about one degree hotter than it was in the 19th century. The change is more visible when the short run is considered – compared to the average temperature of the 19th century, 2017 was 0.7 degrees warmer, while 2016 was 0.8 degrees. The major cause of this increasing temperature is the greenhouse gas effect.

The Effects Of Climate Change

Climate change has evident effects on the ecosystem. The effects can be seen by noticing more frequent severe floods, droughts, and snowstorms. Here are some severe effects of climate change phenomena we’re experiencing.

  • Melting Ice Due To Warming Arctic Weather-

    One of the most evident consequences is the melting of the cryosphere. Predictors exclaim that the Arctic region ice may completely melt during hottest periods of the year by the end of this century. The cryosphere plays a crucial role in the global climatic pattern. Their continuous melting may cause permanent damage to fragile components (oceans, mountains, and wetlands) of the ecosystem.

  • Rise In The Sea Level

    Continuous melting of ice caps and glaciers of the Arctic and Antarctica region will result in the rise of sea level. According to IPCC, the melting down of the cryosphere had led to a rise in sea level by 3.1 mm per year between 1993 and 2003. And the rise is expected to reach 15 to 95 cm by 2021.

  • Desertification

    Keep Your Surrounding Clean

    The region of north and south of the Sarah desert and Mediterranean countries, that are having boasting temperate climate are facing desertification. Desertification causes severe damage to agriculture, due to which people face undernourishment. In particular, the production of maize and wheat crops could drop by 50 percent in the next 35 years. All of this will result in more and more people suffering from hunger.

  • Severe Effects On Human Health

    Our health has always been badly influencing by climate and weather changes. The global warming and changes in climate, adversely affect the environment that provides us fresh, water, shelter air, food, and security. Climate change is continuously threatening human health and well-being in many ways, some of them are already being experienced.

Steps You Can Take As An Individual

  • Plant More And More Trees

    Plant a tree once a week. Make sure to involve your children in this delightful activity. Make your child aware of the arising climate change and pollution problems that we all are facing currently, taught them how important every component of the ecosystem is. As they are the future and they have the right to be aware of all these problems.

  • Keep Your Surrounding Clean

    Keep Your Surrounding Clean

    Keep your house clean, do dusting and vacuuming with the best vacuum cleaner daily or on alternate days. Including your house keep your neighbourhood and surrounding clean. Cleanliness gives rise to a good character, with protection from diseases it also makes our body and minds clean.

  • Install A Good Air Purifier

    Climate change is affecting the environment that provides us pure air to breathe. So to have pure air to breathe at home, seek for some best air purifiers and get installed one of them.

  • Organizing Some Campaigns For Cleaning

    Organize some campaigns with your neighbours, friends, and relatives and do some cleaning in your town, like cleaning the river campaign or road cleaning. Try to minimize the use of technologies that emit greenhouse gases. Don’t just do this on Earth Day, organize such campaigns for often and spread awareness of how important our mother earth is. Also keep your house clean and dust free, use the best carpet cleaner or best vacuum cleaner to clean the carpet, a source of dust and bacteria of not cleaned regularly.

  • Plan Some Adventurous Trips

    Plan Some Adventurous Trips

    Plan some trips that involve adventure sports like fishing, trekking, skiing, and biking. Go on some morning rides on your best mountain bike or trekking with the best trekking equipment, for seeing the sunrise. These activities will not only give you some health benefits but will also allow you to interact with nature. After a few such trips, you will surely fall in love with the real beauty of our planet.


The effects of climate change will increase in the next century, certain existing ecosystem threats will be demolished due to evolution and many new will emerge. The global heating crises had become difficult to deal with, so as an individual takes some small initiative steps and gives a great contribution to controlling global warming. Last year IPCC reported that to keep the global rise temperature below 1.5 degrees Celsius, emission of CO2 needs to be cut down 45% by 2030 so your contribution is in need.

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