How Fast Is Global Warming And Climate Change Reaching Our Homes


I have no hesitation in describing global warming as a weapon of mass-destruction; just like terrorism, it has no boundaries. This weapon can strike you anywhere, in any form. Even if we have the best air purifiers installed at our offices or home, we are still breathing the worst polluted air in human history. We all know the human has caused the most of it, as in past humankind thought that they could selfishly use the exhaustible resources, without realizing that earth is not a commodity but our home- “sweet home”.

We all can deny the overwhelming judgment of our scientist and researchers but cannot ignore the devastating impact of this raging fire. From melting glacier – to rising sea level and from forest scrambling – to wildlife dying everything is a direct consequence of global warming. All this is the result of heat-trapping gases that releases when we power our modern lives. These gases (greenhouse gases) allows shorter-wavelength radiation (I.e. from the sun) to pass through it but does not allow the longer-wavelength radiation (i.e. heat from the earth) pass through it. Due to this process, which is commonly known as the greenhouse effect the temperature of the earth is increasing. The level is higher now than at any time in the last 800,000 years, this can be more visible when the shorter period is considered.

How Fast It Is Growing And Effecting Us

global warming and climate change

Global warming is causing a drastic effect on our climate as due to its earth is getting warmer day by day. It is caused by the greenhouse gases as the sun ray fall on earth some of it is absorbed and some of it is reflected back but due to some greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide, carbon mono oxide, etc. The heat of the sun is not reflected but is instead absorbed more which causes global warming.

As our earth will become warmer there would be more evaporation which would cause more rainfall in some areas which will result in a change in rainfall patterns.

Even the water level in oceans will raise sustainably as a lot of water is frozen in the form of glaciers, but due to global warming, these glaciers will melt, resulting in the rise of seawater level.

The melting of glaciers will also have a drastic effect as more than 90% of fresh water is in the form of glaciers thus it would prove to be a severe blow to mankind.

The increase in temperature would even disrupt the natural patterns of flora and fauna thus affecting the natural Patten of earth.

The atmosphere of Venus constitutes of carbon dioxide. It has 154,000 times more carbon dioxide as compared to earth due to which it’s surface it melted, thus the increase in global warming could lead to such drastic effects on earth too.

Steps You Can Take As An Individual

Climate change and global warming has evident effects on the ecosystem, they are no longer a far-off problem, it is happening here and right now. Here are some steps that you can take as an individual to save yours and your dear one’s life.

Plant More Trees: –

what causes temperature change

Plant trees as much as possible, not only just plant but make sure to take care of them. People usually plant a tree but then turn their backs and never come back to look at how they are doing. So, plant tree once a week and make sure to take care of them properly. Teach your children also; involve them in this delightful activity. Through this, they will not only start adoring our planet but also you, for your sensible and responsible nature. This activity will strengthen the bond between you and your child.

Spread Awareness About This Serious Matter: –

Organize some campaigns to spread awareness about how serious is the climate change problem is. During campaigns do cleaning in your town, like cleaning the river campaign or road cleaning. Minimize the use of technologies that emit greenhouse gases. Try to organize such campaigns at least once or twice a month.

Get Yourself A Good Air Purifier: –

We all are breathing in an environment that provides us the worst polluted air. Install the best air purifier at your home to detoxify the pollution that had polluted you (your lungs), during the whole day.

Plan Some Adventurous Trips:-

Plan trips that involve have outdoor activities like fishing, trekking, and skiing. They will not only provide you tremendous health benefits but will also you to interact with nature. Through such a trip you will see the true astonishing beauty of our planet. So grab your best mountain bike and best trekking equipment to chase the real beauty and satisfaction.

Develop hygienic habits: –

Develop hygienic habits

Develop hygienic habits they give rise to a good character, with protection from diseases it also makes our body and minds clean. Clean your house with the best vacuum cleaner or best carpet cleaner (if you have carpets) daily or on alternate days. Wash your dishes with the best dishwasher. Open your shoes outside the house. These are some hygienic habits that anybody can develop easily.


The only mission we have is – protect our planet and hand it over to the next generation carefully. The global heating crises had now become difficult to deal with, so as an individual takes some small initiative steps and gives a great contribution. Also make the people around you the seriousness of this matter. In 2018 IPCC reported that to keep the global rise temperature below 1.5 degrees Celsius, emission of CO2 needs to be cut down 45% by 2030 so your contribution is in need only we the human race can save our home.

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