How To Keep Your House Clean And Healthy?


Being a working woman managing my work life and household chores at the same time had become the most difficult task of my life. No matter if I have the best vacuum cleaner or an automatic dishwasher my house was a mess by the end of the week so, usually, I used to spend my weekends pilling up my mess.

Well, this doesn’t happen anymore because of my grandma’s advice. Her secret has changed around my world. So here I am to share that secret to help you’ll.

The secret is- doing a little bit of work every day to keep away the messes from piling up.
And here are some tips to do so

Make Your Bed:

Bed is the most visible surface of the bedroom. so, an unmade bed will surely going to make the whole room look messy. Switch to a duvet with removable cover if you don’t like tucking in sheets. But make sure to launder the removable cover at least a week to have a tidy bed all week.

Empty The Dishwasher Each Morning:

No matter if you own the best dishwasher but it is useless until and unless you make use of it. So, put the dishes for a wash every night and empty it every morning while your coffee brews or while you are waiting for your kids to get ready for school. This habit will help you to prevent dirty dishes from piling up in the sink, making your kitchen look tidier. Plus, it helps prevent household pests, too. So, the kitchen will be not only clean but also healthy.

Vacuuming On alternate days:

I know this may sound awful to many but regular vacuuming is really important. You can bring the best vacuum cleaner with updates technology to make cleaning easy and fast. And, remember vacuuming requires some bending so, bending over to do it counts as exercise!

Get Picky With Your Carpet:

Yes, it is a good idea to do vacuuming at least every other day but sometimes this becomes an awful activity when we have a busy day at the office. So, in those days you can vacuum the high-traffic areas only. But make sure to pick up small messes like- cat hair, scraps of paper, etc to make your house look nicer all week. Choose your carpet colour wisely and clean your carpets thoroughly with best carpet cleaner at least once a month.

Clean Kitchen Floor Every day:

You can use a multi-purpose sweeper each night to get over the dirty and greasy kitchen floor. This task becomes easy with the help of a multi-purpose sweeper so husbands or kids can do it as part of their evening routine.

Use Door Mats:

If you fail to train your family not to wear shoes in the house (which reduces household dust), the alternate way you can keep most of the dirt out is by placing floor mats on both inside and outside of each exterior door. Vacuum or shake all the doormats outside every few days.

Use Air purifier For Fresh Air:

In this growing air pollution, the best way to protect your house from outside impurities is by installing the best air purifier in your home. You can also get the best humidifier if feel dryness in the air of your house.


Performing the above tips to keep your house clean will take only a few minutes a day, but they’ll keep your home looking continually clean and beautiful no matter how busy your life gets. And also weekend at the park, spa or club sounds better than doing laundry. Once you’re in the habit of tending to do your home chore a little bit every day, you’ll no longer have to sacrifice your entire weekend to get it back under control. The last but the most important thing is to avoid procrastination when it comes to these little house chores.

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