How To Make Your Home Healthy And Illness Proof?


How To Make Your Home Healthy And Illness Proof?

A healthy family is a happy family. You can have the most beautiful house in the world, but if its occupants are ill and sick, it is worth nothing. Often people exercise, go to the gym, do yoga and eat all the healthy food, but still, get ill and allergic quite often. The culprit of this is an unclean and unhealthy house. Often people neglect or ignore the hygiene of a house. They do the dusting and cleaning and believe that the job is done and the house is clean.

But this mistake costs them a huge chunk of money in the form of family medical expenses. The best carpet cleaner or the best vacuum cleaner would have made all the difference in making a home healthy and illness free, but people remain foolishly ignorant when it comes to keeping their home clean and healthy.

So here in this blog, we would be discussing some ways in which we can keep our home clean and healthy. Which would make its occupant healthy and happy, and would make the house- ‘home sweet home’ in true sense.

Keep The Carpets Clean And Dust-Free:

Keep The Carpets Clean And Dust-Free

The dirty and dust infested carpets are the main reason for allergies and bacterial diseases in the house. Children and the elderly are the most affected lot of these unclean carpets. Though the carpets enhance the beauty and poise of the house, if not cleaned properly can turn out to be carriers of toxins and illness. So it is really important to clean the carpets with the best carpet cleaners regularly. A mere dusting or sweeping would not clean the carpets thoroughly. A carpet cleaner that is made specifically for this task, can take out even the minute particles of dirt, mud, pet hair, etc. Thus keeping the carpets clean is the first step towards a clean house.

Always Keep an Air Purifier:

Urban living is cursed with ever-growing pollution and deteriorating air quality. With each breath, we are inhaling poison into our lungs. The fine particle like matter which is a by-product of pollution is linked with lung and heart diseases. Keeping the best air purifier at home reduces this risk and makes the air at our house pure and pristine. Good air quality at home would mean that all the family members are breathing good quality air and thus can reduce to some extent the pollution filled urban air.

Keep your kitchen clean:

A clean kitchen essentially means a healthy family. An unclean kitchen is a reason for many food-related illnesses like food poisoning and bacterial infections. Though the kitchen might look clean from the surface, often the edges and corners hold the germs, mildew, pathogens and more. So it is very important to clean the edges, corners and other hidden parts of the kitchen with good surface cleaners. Plates and utensils should also be washed properly. If possible invest in the best dishwasher for a germ-free and hassle-free cleaning of the utensils or dishes.

Make Your House Green, Plant A Garden:

A house full of green plants not only provide good Quality air but also gives positive vibes and energy. If you grow a kitchen garden you would get organic and fresh vegetables, which would make your house healthy and build strong immunity in family members. A garden in your house also enhances the beauty of the house and also brings you closer to nature. It also develops a good hobby for you and keeps your mind and body relaxed and stress-free.

Install A Carbon Monoxide Detector:

Around 500 people die due to carbon monoxide poisoning each year in the US. Carbon monoxide is an odorless, colorless and tasteless gas, which is the main reason it goes undetectable while leaking. People don’t realize when their house gets filled with this deadly gas, and often people die in their sleep due to this deadliest killer’s undetectable nature. So it is always advisable (even law in some states) to install a carbon monoxide detector at your house. This small investment would save you and your loved ones from a potential serial killer.

Your House Should Be Humidified:

Winters bring in a lot of sinuses, flu, and cold related illness in the house. Our skin also becomes dry and itchy. If we have the best humidifier installed in the house, it would prevent sinus-related infections and bronchitis. It would also keep the skin in perfect condition and also benefits your hair. Overall it is a great help in the winter and keeps the family cold and flu-free and makes you healthy throughout the winter.

Maintain Basic Hygiene In The House:

A healthy and clean house is the result of the good clean habits of its occupants. If as a family we keep ourself clean and dirt-free, we can make a healthy family. Basic habits like cleaning the hands and feet regularly, keeping the bathroom clean, avoiding soiled foot wares into the house develop a cleaner and healthier house. It is all in the clean habits that make all the difference.


A house is just a structure of wood and concrete, it is the family members and its occupants which make it a home. If a home is healthy and disease-free, it makes it a happy place. So not only the physical exercise is necessary for keeping the family healthy and happy, but also the health of the house and keeping it always clean and pathogen-free. So the really happy and healthy family is the one which lives in a healthy and clean house.

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