How To Save Your Home From Indoor Air Pollution


We always think that air pollution is always in smoke-filled markets and hustling cities. We never even in our wildest dreams think that your home sweet home could be part of the problem. The fact that gives you jitters and shock is that air inside your home is two to five times more polluted than the air outside. If you think you have the best air purifier installed and think all is fine, then you are gravely wrong. This is not made up of the story rather it is based on the data provided by the environment protection agency. The even scarier part is that some factors can make the indoor air toxic to 100 times.

Most of the family members, especially children and the elderly spend 90% of their time indoors. With this kind of toxicity present in the home, they are bound to fall sick and contract some serious allergies.

The Common Causes of Indoor Air Pollution:

Often people think that burning of solid fuel or wood and smoking be the only cause of indoor air pollution. But the reality is murkier there are a variety of other factors that cause some serious air pollution inside your home. Some of the common indoor air polluting culprits are as under:

  • Furniture
  • Cleaning products
  • Air fresheners
  • Gas appliances
  • Central HVAC systems
  • Humidifiers
  • Animal allergens
  • Beauty and personal care products
  • Flooring and carpeting
  • Hobby products
  • Moisture
  • Outdoor pollution sources, such as smog, radon, and pesticides

Furniture is generally made of wood and the adhesive used to bind these wood are toxic in nature and release a certain amount of toxic gas. Carpets though enhance the beauty of the house often hold in the dust, pet hair food and various other pollutants. If the carpets are not regularly cleaned with the best carpet cleaner or the best vacuum cleaner, this can cause a major allergy and bacterial problem. In winter people install the best humidifier in their bedrooms, to cancel the dryness.

Although it works, moisture builds up mold, allergens and dust mites which are a major cause for indoor air pollution. The kitchen equipment and heaters that use fuel for their functioning produce the dangerous CO gas, which is the cause of death of nearly 500 people every year in the US. This the very reason that many in many states in the US, it is mandatory to install a carbon monoxide detector in their homes.

How Indoor Air Pollution Affects Children and The Elderly:

Asthma in children around the US is increasing at an alarming level. Various studies link the rise in asthma in children to indoor air pollution. Researchers have now ample evidence that suggests the link between bad indoor air qualities on respiratory conditions. The indoor air pollution like mold, dust, and mildew affects children with asthma by decreased lung function. The medicines are taken to counter this problem often affect their learning abilities. One of the other reason the child is affected more by the indoor air pollution is the fact that the children especially the ones 6 months breathe 35 times more than an adult.

So they inhale 35 times more toxic pollutants than an adult. Parents who are so skeptical when it comes to their child’s protection, that they provide them with the best food, best clothing and protect them outside by even giving them GPS tracker for kids, yet are unaware of this danger lurking inside their own safe home.

Elderly people who are 60 and above are vulnerable to cardiovascular and respiratory problems. The indoor air pollution affects them greatly. Poor air quality inside the house can enhance the problems related to the heart and lungs and give rise to some serious health complications for the elderly. Even if you give your elderly the best life alert systems, the indoor air pollution greatly decreases the life expectancy for the elderly.

How Can We Improve Indoor Air Quality and Decrease Indoor Air Pollution?

How Can We Improve Indoor Air Quality and Decrease Indoor Air Pollution?

So we have understood the gravity of indoor air pollution. Understanding and acknowledging a problem leads to the solution of the problem. Many factors lead to indoor air pollution as we have seen above, countering each of these factors and taking steps to eradicate them leads to better air quality indoors.

Installing the best air purifier:

A good quality air purifier greatly decreases the pollutants from the air and makes it clean to breathe. Placing the best air purifier in your bedrooms can enhance the Quality of air inhaled inside and is very beneficial for the children and elderly.
Proper ventilation of the house: A proper ventilation must be there in the house, as it holds the key to safer indoor air quality. It improves the air quality by letting out the toxic air trapped in the house. Areas such as the kitchen and bathroom should have a good quality venting system as these are the areas that produce maximum toxic air.

Keep your carpets and floor clean:

Carpets and floors are the major sources of dust and bacteria. All the dust from outside, pet hair, food particles, vomit, and other dirt are all trapped inside the carpets. Children tend to play on these carpets and the elderly also spend their time on these. If the carpets are not cleaned and dusted ion a regular basis, these can become the major cause of allergies, bacterial infections, and food poisoning. So it is a must to clean the carpets with the best carpet cleaner and the floor with the best vacuum cleaner. A clean carpet is essential for a clean and healthy home.

Install a carbon monoxide detector:

Carbon monoxide is a serial killer. It kills more than 500 people every year in the US alone. Every house must have a carbon monoxide detector installed. As this is an odorless, tasteless, colorless gas it is undetectable for the humans and can be fatal for the whole family.

Plant a garden in and around your house:

Plants are the source of oxygen, so having plants around and inside your house can greatly increase the air quality in and around your home. Moreover, plants also take in Carbon dioxide so this also decreases much of the toxicity from your home. Besides it also enhances the beauty and serenity of the house.

Keep your pets clean and safe:

Pets are like family, yet if they are not properly looked after it causes harm to them as well as the family members. Pet hair contains many pollutants and bacteria, besides pet also carry many outdoor pollutants with them in their feet and mouth. Proper care should be taken of the pets, they should be given bath daily and their food should be clean and healthy. They should be provided with the best dog house or best cat house so that they don’t sleep in dirty areas and remain clean and safe.

Proper hygiene is a must:

Overall the indoor air quality depends upon the hygiene of the house and its occupants. Of the house is kept clean, proper cleaning is done and carpets and other furniture is kept dust free and pristine, the air quality would be excellent. If the family members themselves remain clean and take proper care of the hygiene, don’t smoke and make it a habit to clean and dust their feet before entering the house, it would dramatically increase the indoor air quality and make it a healthy and pollution-free home.


No matter how much you spend on getting the best air purifier or best carpet cleaner for your house, if the occupants or the house dwellers are not serious about making it a healthy home, nothing would work. It is a combined effort by everyone in the family to make their home pollution-free. If you can make your home pollution free, you can very well make the whole world pollution-free. As it is said charity begins at home.

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