How to Stay Safe When Your City’s Air Quality Is Dangerous


With the world’s population and greed growing at an exponential rate, the world is getting hotter, crowded and more polluted. The symbols of our progress engines, machines, Ac’s and all are pumping dirty pollutants into our environment. The other major reason is more than half of the world population does not have access to clean fuel technologies, and that is causing a major pollution problem. The air we breathe is becoming more and more polluted and poisoned with each passing day. The gravity of the situation can be understood by the fact that almost 7 million people are killed due to pollution and related effects.

At home at least people can install the best air purifier and feel safe and healthy. But you cannot live 24*7 in your house and have to come outside for work, school, etc. If the air which you inhale is filled with so much pollution, you can imagine the harm it would do to your body. According to WHO 9 out of 10 people in this world breathe polluted air. So how can we stay healthy in these difficult times? How can we fight this pollution menace?

Here are some things which we can try, which would minimize the ill effects of air pollution and at least gives us the first line of defense, against this growing monster.

Start with your house:

Home is where you and your family spend half of the time. Even if you spend more time at the office, your kids and your parents spend most of their time at home. So it is really necessary and important that the air quality of your house is pristine and healthy.

  1. Install a good quality air purifier: What your house needs urgently is the best air purifier. It clears the air quality at your house and erodes all the harmful pollutants from the air. It makes the house much safer than the outside air, and thus protects our health by giving us good quality air to breathe.
  2. Plant a Garden: Make a small garden in the house. Plants inside the house filter the air and take in the carbon dioxide of the air and give out oxygen. Moreover, if you make a kitchen garden also, it would provide you with fresh and pollutant-free food, which would make you healthier.
  3. Keep your house clean: Make it a habit to clean the house regularly. If you have carpets in the house, make sure to clean it with the best carpet cleaner or the best vacuum cleaner. Dust from a dirty carpet is a major reason for allergies and bacterial diseases. Keep your bathrooms and kitchen clean and clear.

Protect yourself when outside:

The main danger of pollution lurks when we are outside our home. If the air quality is bad outside, don’t go outside unless necessary. Avoid going out on-peak hours of traffic. Always wear face cover, nasal filter or a facemask when outside. When traveling by car keep your windows closed and keep the air conditioner on, as this helps in filtering the pollutants. Always listen to weather and air quality alerts and react accordingly.

Protect and develop the environment- Plant Trees:

This all pollution and problems related to it are made by humans. So us humans must correct his mistake. The most effective way to correct this and to make our world a better place is by planting more and more trees. Say no to plastics and use less pollution producing equipment and machines. Make a habit to plant at least one tree per week. Make your home, workplace, city, country and world green. Make a better and pollution-free world for our future generation. Where in the city also we can go mountain biking on our best mountain bike and breathe in the fresh air. The increase in green would decrease pollution and make it clean and perfect.

This world is ours and we only can make it better. The fact is that we cannot live without air. Pure air is the right of every human on earth. If we rise to understand and raise our voices against this, world leaders would understand the gravity and take steps towards making the world a better and healthier place to dwell in.

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