How World Is Changing Into One Big Gas Chamber


Life on earth is evolving through a hurricane of human pollution. No other species around the globe pollute earth the way humans do. We have come so far in this evolution that we need the best air purifiers to breathe fresh air. This evolving pollution is a by-product of increasing urbanization and industrialization and now has turned into a modern-day curse. There is no difference left between- the gas chamber of the Adolf Hitler era and our modern developed cities.

The condition of our atmosphere has deteriorated so much that one of every twenty-five death in the USA, occurs due to exposure to increasing air pollution in the country. There are millions of people around the globe who are living in an unhealthy environment, facing ozone pollution.

Historical Perspective: When Did Man Started- “The Process Of Converting Earth Into A Gas Chamber”

According to our world history, Adolf Hitler was the first to introduce the concept of the gas chamber but sadly this is not the truth, the biggest gas chamber (i.e. our world) building process had begun in the 13th century. Now, the question is how?

The use of coal as a source of energy is considered as ambient air pollution. When coal’s production and imports are estimated in history they were available for some of the earliest industrial nations. So, we can say kick-start of air pollution is associated with the industrial revolution which was held around 300 years ago and we also know that the burning of coal at a smaller scale (such as in households)-was started much earlier than this. Therefore, air pollution or building process has relatively started about 500 years ago.

Evolution Of Air Pollution

After industrial civilization the condition was so worse that the United States passed The Air Pollution Control Act of 1955, providing federal funds to solve the problem. After that, the US passed The Clean Air Act of 1963 which was the first federal program to fund research to control the pollution. Undoubtedly, these facts changed the industrial process and also encouraged industrialists to find substitute ways to reduce pollution.

But air pollution and its hazardous effects still exist, 92% of the global population breath bad air quality. Thousands of people die due to smog. In many countries, new diseases are evolved because of the growing air pollution. All of these are happening due to manufacturing and increased emissions from vehicles and airplanes, agricultural waste and indoor air pollution.

Some Steps To Minimize The Effect Of Air Pollution

  1. Keep Your Ventilation System Clean:

    Periodically check your heating and air conditioning system. Your ventilator is the most important, as the air filter can trap dust and other particles so clean it with the best vacuum cleaner or best carpet cleaner periodically. Change the filters whenever there is a requirement and have your unit serviced regularly.

  2. Stop Smoking:

    If you into this bad habit, try quitting it as soon as possible. Quitting smoking before the age of 40 reduces the chances of dying too early from smoking-related diseases by about 90 percent.

  3. Use Humidifier If You Feel The Requirement:

    In winters we all use room heaters or heating systems for the heat, which makes the air inside our home very dry. This dryness can cause itchiness and irritation in many parts of the body. The best humidifier models will help you to end the dryness by creating an invisible layer of mist.

  4. Grow A Green Thumb:

    Plants like the Boston fern, peace lily, and spider plants are well-known air purifiers. They absorb pollutants from the atmosphere. You can also purchase one of the best air purifier models if you live in a small house and don’t have enough space for plants.

  5. Go Green Whenever Possible:

    Try to purchase energy-efficient models. You can also opt for chemical-free cleaners and paints. There are also chemical-free carpets easily available in the market made of natural substances like bamboo, which emits fewer toxic.


Due to government laws, air quality has improved a lot. Now it’s our turn to take some effective steps like- say no to plastic, follow the 3R’s rule, travel in a public vehicle, and prefer to use the best mountain bike for short distance. Plant trees as much as possible. Let’s protect our planet and hand it over to the next generation carefully. If humans can destroy the planet then we are the only ones save it and make it a better place.

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