Where to place the air purifier?


Placing the air purifier at a strategic location gives the optimum results. Since you’re spending money on it, you should know how to take the best advantage of an air purifier. The ideal location would depend on many factors, which will be discussed below. 

 For mobile air purifiers, the effort into thinking of the best location is not that headache-inducing. Since the advantage of such air purifiers is the easy transferability, you can keep it with you. Take it to the kitchen in the morning while you’re cooking, and bring it back to the living room with you when you’re done. You can use the purifier when you’re in the bedroom or the bathroom, or anywhere else for fresh air. 

However, not all air purifiers can be carried from one place to another. Heavier and larger air purifiers should be placed in the room with the most pollution. The kitchen is likely to have the highest pollution, due to burnt food and other smells. An air purifier in the kitchen would help keep away the odours and smoke. 

 If you’re not worried about your kitchen, but dust problems instead, place it in your living room. The location would primarily depend on what you want and what concerns you the most. If you believe your sleep is getting affected due to bad air quality, it will work well to place the air purifier in your bedroom. It’s mainly the best choice for people with existing allergies or asthma since people tend to spend the maximum number of hours in the bedroom. 

If you’re concerned that there are multiple places with bad quality, choose the one where:

  • You spend the most time.
  • The air quality is the worst. 

Once you decide which room you’re going to put the air purifier in, there are some other vital factors you may need to keep in mind.

Where in the room?

While putting the air purifier in a room, there are two critical factors to remember -airflow and air circulation. 

The task of placing an air purifier requires slight effort and strategic thinking. Otherwise, you won’t get the best results, and the bad air quality may continue to trouble your health. That is why you must choose that part of the room which would allow the purifier the best air circulation creation. For choosing such a place, you must be aware of the inlet that air purifiers have. The inlet is where the purifier draws in and filters the polluted air. The clean air is pushed out of an outlet. 

You must choose a place which allows the air to circulate in and out freely. It must circulate well around the unit as well, without walls, furniture, and other objects stopping the flow. Such items that could prevent the flow should be ten inches away from the purifier. Place your air purifier closest to the source of pollution, and avoid corners. 

Certain recommendations that may be helpful while deciding the location have been discussed below.

Choose the source of the odour

Placing the purifier nearest to the source of the odour (especially when you’re putting it in the kitchen) can be extremely useful. Doing so prevents the spread of smell in the house since it’ll be contained from the source. 

Room size matters

Room size matters because you don’t want to place too powerful a purifier. That way, you’ll be wasting your money for no reason at all. On the other hand, if the room size is big and the air purifier is small, you’ll be defeating the purpose. The air won’t be adequately purified, and the whole room won’t be covered. If your purifier doesn’t filter air adequately, there’s no point of buying one. A good way of deciding the right size is by following the recommended size. Slight difference in size is okay, but it shouldn’t be too incompatible.

Place close to the doorway

Putting an air purifier close to the doorway is an excellent method of catching those unwanted particles at the entrance itself. This works better for pet owners. By placing it near the door, you get security from all that unfiltered pollution before it enters the room.

Avoid tight spaces or corners

Since airflow is so crucial, it’s a terrible idea to put even the best air purifier in tight spaces. Look for open areas that allow the best airflow, so you get the optimum results. Be smart while placing it, because tight spots might fail to pull air from other areas. Some purifiers can be mounted on the wall, so feel free to explore those options if you find a lack of such spaces.

Proximity with electronic devices can be bad

It’s better to place air purifiers away from electronics, since some low-cost models may be sensitive to them. Proximity to things like TV and microwave may result in malfunctioning and poor performance. To avoid any such interferences and disturbances, ensure that your purifier is not close to any electronic equipment.

Such problems are not likely to arise with high-quality air purifiers. So, if you haven’t yet bought it, consider this point before placing the order. It could also go a long way in preventing any negative impact on other electronic devices in your house. But in case you’ve already bought it, you don’t need to worry excessively. All you must do is change its position, so it’s not close to any electronics.

Do not place to furniture

As you’re aware, air purifiers need good airflow. Placing them behind furniture prevents that. If you put it close to obstacles like furniture like the sofa or the table, the airflow will be interrupted since the purifier will not be able to intake the air from all the sides. Make sure that the position of your purifier does not limit the airflow, as that would result in terrible performance and you’ll be facing problems repeatedly. Remember, the purifier should be placed where it works the best, and not looks the best.

Avoid pairing with similar devices

It’s a bad idea to put too many similar devices together. If you pair the air purifier with other devices that condition the air, humidify (or dehumidify) it, then the performance of your purifier will drop heavily. With the air being pushed and pulled from all over the room, the airflow will not be the best. With low airflow, your air purifier will not filter all the unwanted airborne particles present in the room, and you’ll be spending money and energy for no reason. Issues may also arise due to different causes, like open windows. If your cleaner is already working, shut the windows to prevent any pollution, including dust and pollen, from entering the room. Also switch it off while using carpet cleaners or vacuum cleaners. This would pressurise the purifier, and it won’t be able to give optimum performance. That is why make sure you don’t place an air purifier near devices like an air humidifier

Ground v/s mounting on the wall

It’s best to ask the manufacturer about this one. The manufacturers will most likely tell you the ideal position themselves. In case you still have doubts, you should contact them. If the purifier of your choice can be mounted on the wall, you can do it to enhance the decor. With the design allowing this, you also won’t need to fret over its performance. 

The ground is for more giant purifiers. Their power allows them to clean all the air even when they’re positioned on the floor. Smaller purifiers, however, work better when you keep them close to you. You can take them to your desk while working or to the kitchen while preparing food. Since they have an advantage of mobility, you can check where they work best by trying out different positions and areas to place them.

Final words

Having read the above points, you can make out why the position of an air purifier needs to have an analytical edge and reason. It’s hard to answer such questions without testing the device first. But some points, like keeping the purifier near the source and away from the electronics, can work well into giving you an optimum result. Consider these points to avoid any issues related to air quality.

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