Why Do Children Get Sick So Often, And How To Avoid It?


Being a mom of a 2-year-old baby, I can understand the plight of mothers, whose children get sick all the time. Winters are arriving and it’s that time of the year where we all wonder if our child will ever be healthy. Some of the children are always suffering from cold or any infection and their parents wonder, “Isn’t my child having too many colds? Is there something wrong with their immune system?” the truth is that toddlers and preschoolers get sick about seven to eight times a year. Even if we install the best air purifier or some parents even use best humidifier to protect their child, yet the sickness appears all the time. This mostly happens after six months of birth when the immunity system the babies had received by their mother fades away and they have to build up their immune system.

Reasons Why Your Child Suffer From So Many Cold

Reasons Why Your Child Suffer From So Many Cold

The main reason why your child is suffering from so many cold or infection is that he or she is exposed to new viruses all the time. There are around 200 different cold viruses so, make sure to use the best air purifier and keep your surroundings clean and sanitize.

Your child will get cold more often if you live in a large family as the virus makes its rounds through the house and back again and the rate of colds triples in the winter. This is not because of cold air, but because we prefer to spend more time in crowded areas indoor together.

If your child is older than two and still sneezes a lot then there could be two reasons either he or she is having some kind of infection or his or her immune system is not strong. Here are some easy ways to improve your child’s immune system

Encourage Them To Play Outdoors Game

Playing outdoor games has significantly reduced for children in this tech age. Play with your child make him or her involve in some sports activities like mountain biking, soccer or you can also take your child for fishing trips, teach him or her to fish with the best fishing reels, make them feel the nature. Outdoor games play a crucial role in optimal mental, physical, social and emotional health. Playing encourages creativity and imagination in your child and gives you chance to be messy and make some sweet precious memories with your child.

Make Their Eating Habit Healthy

Make sure to give your child at least 5 serving of fruits and vegetables. Fruits and green vegetables provide your child with all the essential nutrients that are needed for his or her growth. According to doctors, children that get good meals are less likely to become sick. If your child is fussy eater, try out some creative recipes. Place food like cartoon characters to make it appealing and don’t give up trying to introduce a variety of foods into their diet. Wash the dishes with the best dishwasher in front of them before serving, so they also learn the same. If you are a nursing and working mother, make sure your child always receives your milk, you can use the best breast pumps to take your milk for storage.

Vaccination Is Important

Vaccination Is Important

Immunizations or vaccination are very important. It is a way of building immunity to certain diseases by vaccinating the small amount of the microorganism that causes the disease. Vaccination not only protects the child but also others around them through herd immunity.

Cleanliness Should Be You Priority

A clean and tidy home brings out the good character of an individual and has a good impact on physical as well as mental health. If your child is surrounded by dust 24*7 hours then he or she might get lung diseases at a very young age. To avoid this vacuum your house daily with the best vacuum cleaner. Also, clean your carpet and rugs thoroughly with the best carpet cleaner at least twice a week. Try to involve your child in these cleansing activities and make them aware of how important is to be clean and tidy.


At last, all of the above rules are not only for children but for parents also. If you want your child to play outside, eat healthily and be in a clean and tidy environment, first you have to do all of them. Because a child learns from what they see that is the cardinal rule. So, if you want your child to have healthy life play with them, eat healthy with them and involve them in some cleansing activities, Happy parenting.

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