Why Your City Is Becoming A Gas Chamber


Adolf Hitler had introduced the concept of the gas chamber for the Jews, whom he hated the most. But our political leaders, industrialist, and several human activities have turned our cities, into gas chambers. It has become crucial to address the topic of air pollution because the conditions have deteriorated so much that one of every twenty-five deaths in the USA, occurs due to exposure to increasing air pollution in the country. While the rich play golf with their best golf irons hitting on the best golf balls, poor and average humans are breathing this poison every day. According to 2019 State of the Air report by the American Lung Association, millions of around 150 million people live in unhealthy air facing high ozone-pollution also known as smog.

Major Causes Of Increasing Air Pollution

Discharges from manufacturing industries

carbon monoxide

Discharges from manufacturing industries and factories are the major contributors to harmful particulate matters and gases that are present in the atmosphere. These emissions have pollutants like oxides of nitrogen and sulfur, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide and other chemical wastes that are 9the quality of the air in the atmosphere.

The exhaust of pollutants From Automobiles

Every country or city of the world is facing a problem in controlling the pollution caused by vehicles. An automobile runs on fossil fuels like petroleum, diesel, and gasoline that emits soot and dangerous gases like CO and NOx which are among the major air pollutants in the environment.

While Producing Electricity In Power Plants

Power plants while producing electricity uses a massive amount of fossil fuels such as coal and gas. These fossil fuels are burned to produce electricity, which in turn, gives mass production of harmful pollutants such as sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen oxide.

Agricultural Activities

Urea is used in agriculture to increase productivity, excessive use of urea results in the emission of ammonia in the air which is one of the major pollutants.

We cannot suddenly stop doing all these activities, neither can we do changes in the agriculture, industry, and mining working policies as these are framed by the government. So, here is some step you can take as an individual to minimize the ill effect of this growing monster.

Get Installed A Good Air Purifier In Your Home

best air purifiers

Home is the place where we spend half of our time and a place where we feel safe. So, to make yourself and your family health-wise safe at home you need to install one of the best air purifiers.

Keep Your House And Surrounding Clean

Make sure to keep your house and surroundings clean. Do dusting and vacuuming on daily routine using the best vacuum cleaner. If you have carpet you should clean them thoroughly at least twice or thrice a year, with the best carpet cleaner. Don’t litter in the surrounding of your house.

Turn Your Backyard Into A Mini-Garden

Turn your backyard into a mini-garden. Also, put some plants inside your house as decorative pieces. It will be very innovative if you make a kitchen garden which will not only provide you fresh air but also fertilizers and pesticides free fruits and vegetables.

Organize Some Cleansing Campaign For Weekends

Make some committees with your neighbors and organize campaigns that promote a clean green environment on weekends. Try to encourage your area youth to participate, as they are the country’s future. In the campaign, you can do activities like cleaning a road, river or a park. Also, try minimal use of machines and electricity during the campaign.

Plan Adventurous Outing On Holidays

Plan Adventurous Outing On Holidays

Plan some adventurous holidays that involve activities like fishing on a kayak fitted with the best trolling motor, trekking or going on your best mountain bike and chasing some fresh clean air. Spend some days interacting with nature. Make sure to love it and appreciate it.

Over 15,000 scientists from 184 countries warned in one voice that unless urgent steps were taken, Planet Earth will be damaged beyond repair. So, take some effective step like saying no to plastic, travel in public vehicles, use bicycles or walk when going to a short distance. Make a habit to plant at least a tree in a month or two; keep your house and surroundings clean.

Let’s heal our planet and make it better and pollution-free for our upcoming generation. Don’t ignore the seriousness of the matter, move forward and take responsibility as this planet belongs to us and only we can make it a better place.

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